The Women in White

Episode 91 – Originally released February 2020

Women in white, midnight Mary, lonely roads all over the US and other parts of the world have their own legends of a young woman in a pale dress, wandering in the middle of the night searching for someone to give them a ride. Sometimes they’re searching for their true love. They hitch a ride with an unsuspecting motorist, or they mysteriously appear in someone’s car. These forlorn ladies are doomed to roam the roadways for all eternity, until their beloveds return.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a holiday usually considered a celebration of romantic love, lets throw a little horror into the mix. In this episode you’ll hear stories of romance that ended with at least one partner tethered to this mortal coil in the form of a woman in white, and the history behind these lovelorn hauntings.

Research sources for this episode include:

  • Big Book of Pennsylvania Ghost Stories by Mark Nesbitt and Patty Wilson
  • Ghosts of Southwestern Pennsylvania by Thomas White
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette Archives 1910 – 1980
  • Altoona Tribune Archives 1920 – 1940
  • Bristol Daily Courier Archives 1935
  • Baltimore Evening Sun Archives 1935

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