Fairmount Charms: Strawberry Mansion and Lemon Hill

Episode 85 – Originally released November 2019

In West Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park sit several historic homes, some dating back to the late 1700s. Long ago this section of the city was nothing but farmland and forests, an area where Philadelphians built country homes far from the noise and congestion of the city.

These properties are rich with history, some are filled with hauntings, and all of them stand in what is known as the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood in Philadelphia, a community with it’s own history very different from the grand Fairmount charms that stand within the park.

In this episode we’ll tour two of these historic homes and wander their stately rooms,. We’ll hear from a medium who believes the ghost of the original owner still resides in one of these properties and we’ll talk about how the residents of the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood are supporting their community, one with struggling schools and the second highest crime rate in Philadelphia.

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