Episode 13: Here Chickie, Chickie, Chickie

Many of the episodes I’ve told so far are big stories – big Philly locations, big Philly true crime stories, or at least stories that I think are big. I’m always researching episode topics, and thinking about the types of stories I want to share with you. 

I love a good legend.  I’m one of those people who believe the legends hold some element of truth to –  obviously I don’t believe in unicorns today, but is it possible that hundreds or even thousands of years ago there was some weird horse like creature with a horn on it’s head?  Sure I think that’s possible.

Recently I’d been researching some Philly and Pennsylvania legends, trying to pick something that might be a little less well known when I stumbled upon a legend I knew – but It wasn’t familiar to me because of where the legend originates, it was familiar to me because I heard this story when I Was about 6 years old.  And I heard happened somewhere else.

This is the story of a crazy, creepy, bizarre park with stories older than many you’ve heard so far, stories of ghosts and princesses, of lost love and hairy little men.  All that weirdness in one spot?  You bet, after all this is Twisted Philly.

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Episode 12: Haunted Halloween Happenings

Helloooooo Twisters, and welcome to a special edition of Twisted Philly  – Haunted Halloween Happenings.

Tonight, or today depending on when you’re listening, we’re going to talk about some of the coolest, creepiest and most things to do in Philly this Halloween season.  Ok, not everything will be terrifying.  I’ve got some great spots that are family friendly for all the little twisters in your life (but still don’t let them listen to this podcast without parental supervision!)

Some of these activities are events I love, or events I’m interested in checking out this year, some will be spooky, scary and twisted, we’ve got some haunted history, and some activities are just plain fun.

Whatever your pleasure this Halloween, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in Twisted Philly.

Episode 11: PART 2 – It’s Just Not Fairley

In Part 2 we go deeper into the investigation of Lisa and Devon Manderach’s murders, and the investigation of Caleb Fairley.

Caleb made a deal with prosecutors – it’s a deal that would lead investigators to Lisa, but is it a deal that would come back to haunt the community?  And how does the community deal with the loss of two beautiful young lives?

We get into the twisted turns of Caleb’s trials and unexpected stories of family members on both sides of this case over the years since Caleb was found guilty almost 20 years ago.

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Episode 10: PART 1 – It’s Just Not Fairley

On September 10, 1995, Lisa Manderach and her 19 month old daughter Devon, left their Limerick, PA, home around 3:30 to check out a new children’s clothing store in a nearby shopping center and never returned.

This is their story, and the story of Caleb Fairley; a young man who was referred to by people who knew him from high school as strange, quiet, odd, someone who could give other’s the creeps.

What made Lisa and Devon cross paths with Caleb?  How could their lives take such a dramatic, disturbing and devastating turn in a matter of hours?  Why didn’t anyone realize what this young man with fantasies of vampires and beautiful women was capable of if left to his own devices?

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Episode 9: Get a Grip

Subtitle:  The only reason that raven is standing there is because it’s been nailed there.

It’s 1838.  A struggling writer moves to Philadelphia in the hopes of skyrocketing his career.  It’s hard out here for a writer, especially one who is brilliant and unusual, with personal demons.  Can you guess who this writer is?  It’s Edgar Allen Poe.

Poe lived in Philadelphia for almost 7 years in the late 1830s to early 1840s.  These were some of his most successful and prolific years as a writer, although they weren’t the most lucrative.  And while he was in Philly he was inspired by a raven named Grip.  Yes twisters, there is a very famous raven who makes his home in Twisted Philly although when he was alive and croaking he called Charles Dickens house his home.

In this episode we dig into the connections between Dickens and Poe, Poe’s life in Philadelphia, and the only one of his five residences that is not only still standing, but is a historical landmark that you can tour.  Oh, and we talk about grip too.

Nevermore, nevermore, nevermind… just listen!

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Episode 8: There Goes the Neighborhood

Neighbors can be a terrific asset.  They can be sources of support and friendship.  Or they can be quiet and keep to themselves, which is also perfectly fine.  But sometimes you can wind up living next to the neighbor from hell.

That’s what happened to Anne Hoover when Roy Kirk bought the abandoned home adjacent to hers in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh in 1992.

What started out as an amicable relationship, with Roy joining a local homeowner’s club focused on beautifying the community, first turned into annoyance, then frustration then fear.  But no one expected a disagreement between neighbors could turn deadly.

houses        anne


Episode 7: Deliveries in Rear

This week we’re up to some old fashioned grave digging in Twisted Philly.

Our city, and our country, has a long history of grave digging, body snatching and ressurectionists, as a means to provide cadavers to medical colleges for anatomy and dissection lectures. This is a tale of Victorian grave robbing, the man behind it all that no one ever suspected, and the significant impacts to the community.  Do the ends really justify the means?  You decide.


Episode 6: The Day I Drove Past a Crime Scene

On June 20, 1996, I was heading south on Rte. 476, the “Blue Route,” stuck in traffic.  On the side of the road police were walking through brush and weeds near an abandoned car.  To me, this looked like just another car left on the side of the highway, but later all of us in Philadelphia would learn it was something far worse.

Aimee Willard was the definition of the All American Girl, a star athlete, a star daughter, with a bright future ahead of her when her light was snatched before it even had a chance to shine to it’s fullest potential.

This is Aimee’s story, and in a way it’s a story that could have happened to any of us 20something Delco girls who hung out at Smokey Joes and drove the Blue Route late at night in the summer, thinking about jobs, school, our boyfriends, our future.

Episode 5: Haunted Hill


In this episode we delve into the world of spirits.  This is the story of Haunted Hill.  Ok, it’s really Chestnut Hill, and it’s home to reportedly one of the most haunted houses not only in Pennsylvania but in the United States. When the Easby family first moved into Baleroy Mansion in 1926 their youngest son Steven, only 5 at the time, looked into a fountain on the property with his brother George.  George’s reflection peered back at him but Steven’s reflection had morphed into a skeletal face.  Steven died five years later of undetermined causes.

Over the next 80 years the Baleroy mansion would experience hauntings from at least 9 different ghosts and report three more deaths, which owner George Gordon Meade Easby, Jr. – the great-great grandson of General George Meade – attributed to a 200 year old haunted blue chair. Join me as we visit the Baleroy mansion and explore legends and haunted history surrounding this mysterious manor.

You can also check out an article from People Magazine Archives featuring George Easby Jr., and his notorious and nefarious ghosts.



Episode 4: The Twisted Old Man who Lived in the Shoe


A few weeks ago a Twitter follower, Maria, asked me about a seriously twisted Philly killer.  At the time I told her I’d be getting to him in a few episodes, ‘case there’s more twisted and nefarious goings on in Philly besides murder.  Well, I hope she feels it was worth the wait.  This is the episode where we talk about the twisted old man who lived in the shoe.  Some call him the cobbler, some call him the shoemaker, I call him one seriously twisted, creepy, disturbing, deluded individual – Joseph Kallinger.