TwistedPhilly LIVE Show! July 22, 2017

Saturday night, July 22, TwistedPhilly will be LIVE as part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival (@phillypodfest.)  This is an amazing event hosted by Nathan and Teagan Kuruna, founders of the Philadelphia Podcasting Society, showcasing Philly podcasters at terrific venues all over the city.

TwistedPhilly will be recording live at Tattooed Moms, 530 South Street, in Philadelphia from 5-7PM.  For more info check out this short clip about my live show, and follow me on Twiter (@Twisted_Philly) or Facebook (TwistedPhilly Podcast.)  Hope to see you Saturday night!  And if you can’t make it, don’t worry.  The live recording will be released within a few days after the festival.

Announcing PodernLove Podcast Convention

An announcement on behalf of Podcasts We Listen To:

The Podcast We Listen To community has grown so big thanks to all of you.  It’s a place where podcast listeners come together and talk about all the shows they love, get recommendations about shows that are new to them, and hang out with their favorite hosts.  So we decided, why not take this community offline and bring everyone together at our very first podcast convention – PodernLove.

PodernLove is a podcast convention for listeners, by listeners.  It’s developed by a diverse group of listeners and hosts, and folks who know what it means to create an incredible convention experience where you’ll get to connect with friends from all over the globe.  PodernLove brings together shows and listeners from every genre of podcast including comedy, pop culture, entertainment, history and true crime, health and wellness, the paranormal and so many more!

PodernLove will take place August 10th through 12th, 2018, in New Orleans, LA, at the Intercontinental hotel.  Advanced discounted tickets go on sale on IndieGoGo, and discounted tickets are available for 60 days.  Attendance is limited so don’t wait to buy your convention tickets.  We’ll be featuring panels, live shows, work shops and an award ceremony.  Plus, you’ll be in the historic French Quarter, filled with great food, music and entertainment.

For more information follow PodernLove on Twitter and Facebook.

Episode 42: The Disappearance of Ashley Morris Mullis

This episode is a real departure for me, and for the show.  It’s something I’ve never done before.  It’s not a story from Philadelphia or Pennsylvania but it’s a story I was compelled to share with all of you.  You all know I was in Indianapolis for Crime Con.  One morning I was outside chatting with some listeners who became new friends.  One of them was holding a missing persons flyer. There was a photograph of a beautiful young mother named Ashley Morris Mullis.  Ashley’s parents were standing near the hotel, on the corner.  Their names are Don and Leandra Morris.

They’d come to Indy that day specifically because of Crime Con, because they knew Nancy Grace was there and they were hoping to come into the convention to hand out missing persons flyers to the attendees.  And unfortunately, because they weren’t registered attendees they were denied access.  They were also hoping to talk with Nancy Grace because she’d interviewed don about his daughter Ashley.  A few weeks after Crime Con I spoke one on one with Don Morris, to learn more about Ashley, who she was as a daughter and mom, and what’s been happening with her case since Ashley Morris Mullis disappeared in September, 2013, almost four years ago, outside Muncie, Indiana. 

Since that time there’s been no word from Ashley, she hasn’t contacted her parents, she hasn’t contacted her children.  At the time of her disappearance Ashley had three children, a five year old son and a two year old son, who are now about 9 and 6, and a six month old daughter who is a little over 3 years old.  One thing both Don and Leandra Morris are certain about, Ashley would have never left her children.   You can follow Ashley’s story on Facebook at Missing Ashley Morris Mullis. 

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Episode 41: Part 2 – They Let it Burn

This episode is part two of They Let it Burn, the story of an activist organization called  MOVE, lead by a man named John Africa who wanted to live by what he considered  natural  law.  In part one we talked about Vincent Leapart, a man growing up in  Philadelphia, looking for a way to make sense of what he thought was wrong in the world.  We talked about his transition to become john Africa, and the movement he started in west Philadelphia, which ended in a standoff between the m embers of MOVE and the Philadelphia police, one officer dead and eleven members of move convicted of his murder. 

In this episode, Part 2, dig into the next 7 tumultuous years between MOVE and the city of Philadelphia.  MOVE members relocated to a new neighborhood, a house at 6221 Osage Avenue in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia.  For two years they battled their neighbors, the police and the city administration until May 13, 1985, when the city decided to take action.  That action resulted in six adults and five children dying in a 6 alarm fire that took out entire city blocks, destroying 61 properties and leaving 250 people homeless.  Within days the mayor appointed a special investigative commission to determine what happened, what could cause the city of Philadelphia to drop a bomb on it’s own people.  And we look at how the neighborhood is living today.  Follow TwistedPhilly on Social Media – Twitter @Twisted_Philly, Facebook at the TwistedPhilly Podcast.  Special thanks to the following guest voices you heard in these episodes:

Margo D from  Book Vs. Movie Podcast (and Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast, Best Neighbors Podcast), Jeremy H from the Most Wonderful Wonders Podcast, Jeremy C from the  Podcasts we listen  to podcast, listener Jennifer M, David the Producer from  the Unwritable Rant Podcast, Roseanne S from Killifornia Dreaming Podcast, Nick H from the Concession Stand Podcast, Erika G from Apex and Abyss Podcast, and Robin W from the Trail Went Cold Podcast.

As always, thanks to Emmy Cerra for the music you heard in these episodes.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website – – and download her music on iTunes.

Episode 40: Part 1 – They Let it Burn

Philadelphia has  a moment that defined us. It was a window of opportunity where the city made a choice and that choice was viewed on television screens across the country.  It was the moment the city of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on a residential street.  Most of the houses on that street were empty – the police contacted residents and evacuated the neighborhood, but one house had thirteen people living there, that house wasn’t evacuated. It was 6221 Osage Avenue, in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia.  There were seven adults and 6 children in the house on the morning of May 13, 1985, and before the sun came up the next day, all but two were dead.

The city of Philadelphia dropped a bomb  – specifically a satchel bomb, on a row house in Philadelphia. The satchel bomb dropped from a helicopter flying low overhead. People watched as a bag fell out of the helicopter  and landed on the roof of 6221 Osage Ave.  Reporters covering every moment from the street felt the ground shake, they saw the explosion and they took cover as the building soon became engulfed in flames.  What was it that compelled our city to drop a bomb on a residential neighborhood?  What was it about the residents  on Osage  Ave – what did they do that warranted this destruction?  And who were they?  Their story starts long before May 13, 1985, when all but Ramona and Birdie Africa died in a blaze that defined our city. This is the story of MOVE.  Part 1 covers the evolution of MOVE, founded by John Africa in 1972, and the days Philadelphia ran a 10 month siege against the members of MOVE.  We talk about the siege that became a two month blockade when the city tried to starve MOVE out of their house.  This episode is the history, and the transformation of MOVE, before they took over the residence at 6221 Osage Ave in 1983.

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Special thanks to the following contributors in these two part episodes:  Margo D from Book Vs. Movie Podcast (Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast, Best Neighbors Podcast,) Jeremy H from Most Wonderful Wonders Podcast, Jeremy C from the Podcasts We Listen To Podcast and Facebook Community,  Jennifer M, David the Producer from the Unwritable Rant Podcast,  Erika G from the Apex and Abyss Podcast, Robin W from the Trail Went Cold Podcast, Roseanne S from Killafornia Dreaming Podcast,  Nick H from the Concession Stand Podcast. 

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Episode 39: Summer in the City

Philly in the summertime….. the streets smell like piss and garbage, although one friend of mine said she was on a street that smelled like bacon.  Even with the heat being trapped between the buildings and it feeling at least 10 degrees hotter in the city, the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection is still a fantastic place in the summer time.  Since it is officially summer in the city and Fourth of July is just around the corner, I wanted to host a seasonal episode and tell you about my favorite spots to hit when it’s hot and some of the best places to celebrate Independence Day and see fireworks in Philadelphia, plus some amazing events going on in and outside the city.  In this episode I also share details about Philly Pod Fest, the TwistedPhilly live show on July 22 and offer What Ups (shout outs) to so many pod friends including History Goes Bump, Insight, my new favorite history podcast, Dirty Bits, David O’Steele, host of a Quest for Magic and Steele. Enjoy! 

You can follow me on social media – Twitter @Twisted_Philly and Facebook the Twisted Philly Podcast.  Special thanks to Emmy Cerra for some of the music you heard in this episode.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website – – and download her music on iTunes.

Episode 38: CrimeCon Top 10 Countdown

Hey Twisters, what up?  I’m finally back from Indy, finally on the mic and so excited to share with you my best moments from CrimeCon.  Yeah, I did say this episode would be up sooner, but those days in Indy were looooong!  And after being on vacation for four days, my days back at the office were equally looooong once I returned.

I though about how I wanted to share my experiences with you and I decided to take a page out of one of my favorite podcasts – The Countdown Movie and TV Review Podcast – and create a Top 10 Countdown of my top 10 CrimeCon moments.  Some of them may not be as exciting as you might expect, yet for me they were everything!

Huge thank you to special guest, actor and former deputy sheriff, Carl Marino from ID Channel Homicide Hunter, and actress Ilona Marino, for the time they spent with me sharing their thoughts about CrimeCon, Carl’s role as Lt. Joe Kenda on Homicide Hunter, and how they met.  My interview with Carl and Ilona starts around 31:21.

Special thanks to Jeremy Collins from Podcasts We Listen To for recording my interview with Carl and Ilona, and to Emmy Cerra for the music you hear in this episode. You can find out more about Emmy on her website,, and download her music on iTunes.

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Episode 37: TwistedRoots

Hey twisters!  This episode marks the final guest host trifecta.  Tonight I’m joined by Margo D of the Book vs. Movie podcast, the Fit Bottomed Girls podcast and the Good Neighbors podcast.  Margo graciously invited me to co host with her on Book vs. Movie and during one of our recording sessions she mentioned she’s a true crime fan.  Instantly I knew I had to invite her to co-host on TwistedPhilly.  And as Margo has ties to Philly I wanted to find a case that connects to her roots, and to mine, and I did.  This episode of TwistedRoots takes us both back to our hometowns, where we grew up, where we went to school for a time.  This is the story of a wonderful young husband and father named Kevin Mengel, Jr., who was murdered in the ultimate betrayal.

Thanks to Emmy Cerra for the music you heard in this episode.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website – – and download her music on iTunes.

Episode 36: TwistedRant

I feel like the luckiest host in the world.  In 72 hours I recorded with three of my favorite female hosts.  This is the second TwistedPhilly mash up and this time we are ranting with Juliette Miranda from the Unwritable Rant Podcast.  Juliette and I spend time talking about our experiences as women in podcasting, her time in the music industry, comic books, horror movies and there’s even a twisted paranormal hometown tale from each of us.  The Unwritable Rant Podcast is one of my favorite shows, and you get to hear me fangirl a little because Juliette is one of the coolest women in podcasting!

You can find out more about Juliette Miranda and the Unwritable Rant Podcast at

Episode 34: Live to Tell

The story I want to share with you today is one that many would never believe could happen where it did, in sleepy farm communities and suburban residential towns  outside the grittier streets of Philadelphia, where crime families were common. No one expected one of the most ruthless and notorious crime gangs was amassing amid the fields and rows of corn swaying in a summer breeze.  And when it came time to take this gang down, no one expected that Pennsylvania would show up as the example of what it means to be in law enforcement, what it means to be transparent, share what you know and work together instead of worrying about which jurisdiction or branch of law enforcement would get credit for the collar.  It took a village to bring down a village sized crime gang, operating in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, and a village is what showed up – the FBI, Pennsylvania State Police, Chester County Police and Detectives department,  Delaware State Police, Maryland State Police, the Chester County district attorney and the US attorney general.  It took all that and more to bring down the Johnston gang.  This is the story of Bruce Johnston Sr., his son, brothers, cousins, friends and countless other men.  It’s the story of over a decade of robbery and murder, and the attempted murder of a son by his father. This is the story of the Johnson Gang.

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