Twisted Artist Series featuring Cabinet of Curious Clay

Episode 114

For about a year I’ve wanted to start a series called Twisted Artists, where I bring a Pennsylvania artist or crafter who’s work I appreciate onto the show to get to know them, their mediums, learn more about their creations and how they began their journey as creators.  I am a huge fan of local art and artists, crafters, not just here in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania but everywhere.

Today I’m joined by Pennsylvania artist Lindsay Keating, creator of Cabinet of Curious Clay, unique pottery and ceramics with a dark, slightly macabre and certainly twisted flair. Lindsay is also the founder of Darksome Art and Craft Market, an event showcasing independent creators and their amazing work.

I’m thrilled to start the Twisted Artist series on TwistedPhilly.  Every few months I’ll feature a bonus episode like this one where you’ll get to know a Pennsylvania or Philadelphia artist.

You can learn more about Lindsay Keating, Cabinet of Curious Clay and Darksome Art and Craft Market on her website at and follow Lindsay on Instagram @cabinetofcuriousclay

Thank you to Emmy Cerra for the music you heard in this episode of TwistedPhilly.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website at and download her music on iTunes. 

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