Cinema in the Cemetery: Young Frankenstein

Episode 110

This is a special feature from my second show: Educating Jeremy, a movie podcast I co-host with Jeremy Collins, host of the Podcasts We Listen To podcast. Jeremy and I watch movies I love, yet he’s never seen, then we talk about the films, what he liked (or didn’t like,) and talk a lot of smack on each other.

Last week Jeremy and I saw the 1974 film Young Frankenstein at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, part of their summer movie series featuring films each month viewed outside under the stars amid the tombstones. In support of Laurel Hill’s programs and events that raise money to maintain the cemetery, I thought I’d share this twisted Philly themed episode of Educating Jeremy here with all of you.

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For more information about Cinema in the Cemetery, go to Laurel Hill Cemetery’s website at

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