Pennhurst State School and Hospital Part 2: Pennhurst Paranormal with a Little Help from my Friends

Episode 101

In Part 2 of our series about Pennhurst State School and Hospital I’m joined by my good friends Jerry and Tracy Paulley, hosts of the Hillbilly Horror Stories podcast, to discuss paranormal activity at Pennhurst. Jerry and Tracy listen as I share tales of paranormal investigations at Pennhurst, my visit to Pennhurst in August 2018 and their perspectives on paranormal activity here and at other locations.

I’m also joined by a number of amazing friends who graciously shared their thoughts about TwistedPhilly’s 100th episode. It’s a supersized show with so many amazing people who were instrumental in helping me achieve this milestone. I hope you enjoy hearing so many wonderful voices from other hosts who inspire and mentor me, and I hope you’ll give their shows a listen!

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