A Murder for Valentine’s Day

Episode 98

On Monday afternoon, February 14th in 2011, Lexus Ivery walked up the 5400 block of Rutland Street in Northeast Philadelphia, not far from Oxford Circle, headed toward’s the home she shared with her sister Marcedes and her mother Kim. Before Lexus reached the front door, neighbors called out to her and told her not to go in the house.

Not long before Lexus approached her home, residents along Rutland Street saw a man and two female companions approach Mercedes Ivery’s home.  He kicked in the door and immediately after he entered neighbors heard gun shots. Moments later this man ran out of the house with his two friends trailing behind.

When police entered the first floor of the Rutland Street home, they found something they weren’t expecting: helium balloons in the shape of letters that spelled out LOVE and other Valentine’s Day decorations.  This was not a scene where you’d expect to see gun violence, it looked more like someone getting ready for a romantic evening, or a Valentine’s night party.  The police made their way upstairs and as they inspected the second floor bedrooms they found 22 year old Marcedes Ivery and her cousin, 19 year old Tiffany Barnhill dead from multiple gunshot wounds. 

Was this a robbery gone wrong? Was it a home invasion?  Were Tiffany and Marcedes targeted on Valentine’s Day n 2011?  That’s what we’re going to find out.

Research sources for this episode include:

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