I Put a Spell on You – the Story of Hex Hollow and Other Tales

October is the season of the witch.  Maybe that’s why so many of you have asked for episodes about witches and witchcraft.  In March, 2017, I released an episode about a man named Nelson Rehmeyer, a pow-wow doctor who lived in York County, PA. While I work on a new episode about a Pennsylvania witch that will be up later this week, I thought I’d re-release this episode as it seems many of you hadn’t yet heard it.  This episode also included some spooky stories of my own experiences with hauntings.

In November, 1928, Rehmeyer was murdered by a neighbor who believed Nelson put a curse on him.  This neighbor was advised by another local witch to steal Nelson Rehmeyer’s spell book, and destroy it with fire, cut a lock of his hair and bury it six feet deep.  When John Blymire and his accomplices broke into Rehmeyer’s house, they were interrupted by the pow-wow doctor and murdered him.  To hide their crime they burned Nelson Rehmeyer’s body and his home, but his house stands today; it never burned down although some how pass what’s now called Hex Hollow claim they can see smoke billowing from the house as if it were still on fire.

This episode also includes the story of Getter’s Island, a haunted island in Easton, Pennsylvania, which is now for sale! Anyone want to buy a haunted island?

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