Episode 76: The Husband Didn’t Do It

On November 21, 2014, 33 year old Jessica Padgett from Northampton County, Pennsylvania, ran an errand on her lunch break.  Her coworkers at Duck Duck Goose Child Care expected her back within about 30 minutes.  Jessica left work that day a little before 1PM, her youngest child still at the day care where he went with her every day, and she was never seen again.

For five days Pennsylvania State Police, Northampton County police, the community, Jessica’s family and her husband Micah Padgett, searched for Jessica.  Social media posts pleaded for help.  The community responded. Thousands of people searched for Jessica Padgett, everyone hoping for her safe return.  Five days after her disappearance, someone came forward and confessed to her murder.  The killer, and his motive, were more shocking than her family could have ever imagined.  Unlike the cliche’ you see in true crime memes, Jessica’s killer wasn’t her husband.

This case was requested by a number of TwistedPhilly listeners over a year ago and because of the sensitive nature of Jessica Padgett’s murder, and consideration for her family, it took some time before I was able to share this story.

Special thanks to musician Emmy Cerra for the music you heard in this and almost every episode of TwistedPhilly.  Emmy’s music is available for download on iTunes.

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