Episode 74: TwistedLegends – The Green Man and the Bus to Nowhere

In this episode we get a little spooky, scary and certainly twisted.  TwistedLegends features two Pennsylvania legends: The Green Man from our “west coast” outside of Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia’s Bus to Nowhere, a Philly legend that scares me to my core.    These stories were part of the live broadcast Live Stream for the Cure between May 18 and 20th. This event raised over $11,000 for cancer research and I’m so happy to share these stories with you here on TwistedPhilly.  Grab your flashlight, hug your cat and get ready to pull the blanket over your head because we’re packing loads of twisted terror in this episode! (WARNING: the second story, the Bus to Nowhere, contains discussion about depression and anxiety. Listener discretion is advised.)

Special thanks to musician Emmy Cerra for the music you heard in this and almost every episode of TwistedPhilly.  Emmy’s music is available for download on iTunes.

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