Episode 73: The Dancer, the Cheater, his Wife and her Murder (Stefanie Rabinowitz)

WARNING: This episode contains adult subject matter, including the death of a young mother, which may be upsetting to some listeners.  Listener discretion is advised.

On Tuesday, April 29, 1997, 29 year old Stefanie Rabinowitz and her husband Craig went out to dinner with her parents to celebrate the end of Passover.  After they returned home Craig and Stefanie shared a few beers, Craig settled in to watch the Flyers in the Stanley Cup and Stefanie went upstairs to take a bath while Craig watched TV.

Before he knew it an hour had passed and Stefanie was still in the bathroom.  Craig entered the bathroom to check on Stefanie and found her unconscious and unresponsive in the tub.  Craig Rabinowitz called 911 but by the time Stefanie was transported to a suburban Philadelphia hospital, it was too late.  Doctors were never able to revive Stefanie Rabinowitz.  This beautiful young wife and mother died as a result of a horrible accident, or at least that’s what everyone thought.

Within a matter of days Stefanie’s husband Craig Rabinowitz was arrested for her murder.  As if that wasn’t bad enough a Pandora’s box of deception blew open, revealing Craig to be a lying, cheating swindler as well as a murderer.

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