Surprise Bonus Episode: The Philadelphia Experiment


After releasing the episode about the Kecksburg incident I had so many listeners reach out over email or social media and ask me to feature more weird stories like that one. I know some of you love true crime and they’re your favorite episodes, other people prefer more history or hauntings, but the response to overall weirdness has been much bigger than I anticipated.  Many of you have asked for more – more episodes about weird shit.

With that in mind I thought I’d release a small bonus episode.  This story is actually a Patreon episode I released  in July called Real Life vs. Movie – the Philadelphia Experiment.

Depending on with whom you speak, the Philadelphia experiment never happened. Conspiracy theorists claim on October 28, 1943, a ship in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard disappeared, only to reappear in Virginia, hover for a few seconds before returning to Philly.

Did the navy create a Tardis?  Did they shatter the confines of science and discover a way to render a ship invisible while sending it through time, and space?  Listen and find out, but whatever you do, don’t watch the 1984 movie about the Philadelphia experiment.  It’s a complete bag of shit.

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