Episode 67: East Coast Roswell – The Kecksburg Incident

On Thursday, December 9, 1965, a strange object was sighted over Canada.  This object passed into the United States, creating sonic booms as it moved.  Witnesses reported seeing fire in the sky, trailing behind a bell shaped craft moving eastward across the US until it crossed into Pennsylvania and landed in a remote village outside of Pittsburgh called Kecksburg.

For over 50 years people have tried to solve the mystery of what landed in the Kecksburg woods that cold winter day.  Locals who saw this object believe it was something not from our world.  Other’s believe it was a spy satellite, perhaps Russian, that crashed in our country.  Soon after it landed, state police and the military closed off a perimeter of the woods and hours later witnesses reported seeing the military leave with an object on a flatbed truck.  The oject was covered by a tarp.

Today people still question what landed in the Kecksburg woods, and I needed a little help digging into this mystery.  In this episode I’m joined by writer, editor and communications consultant Bob Gatty, who was a reporter outside of Kecksburg covering the story for his local paper in 1965, and Chris Cogswell, co-host of the Mad Scientist Podcast and Research Director for MUFON.  You can find out more about Bob on his website www.notfakenews.biz and you can follow Chris and the Mad Scientist Podcast on Facebook and Twitter.

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