Episode 65: Homicide City Part 1 – South Street Mystery

In 2017, the city of Philadelphia saw a 20% increase in homicide rates on top of a steady up tick in homicides between 2013 and 2017.  Police attributed arguments and disagreements as one of the factors in recent rising murder rates. In 2016 there were 278 homicides in Philadelphia, and over 300 on 2017.  These numbers probably seem staggering to someone from outside the city.  But for many of us, we remember the 80s, which exceed 500 homicides each year.  then 1990 hit, and Philly outdid itself with over 600 murders within the city.  That year our homicide rate was four times the national average.  Between 1991 and 2002 Philadelphia’s murder rate dropped almost every year.  Police divisions all over the city made more connections within the community and by 2002 the city’s homicide rate was less than half what it had been over a decade before.  Just a few years later, Philly’s murder rate was again on the rise.

That’s the subject behind Investigation Discovery’s new series Homicide City.  In it’s premiere season, Homicide City focuses on those years in the 90s and early 21st century in Philadelphia.  Partnering with veteran detectives, each episode of Homicide City tells their stories about their search for justice during some dark days in the city of Philadelphia.  In this episode we talk with Sgt. William Britt, featured in “South Street Mystery,” an episode of Homicide City premiering on Wednesday March 28 on Investigation Discovery. about the murders of Richard and Patricia Zimmerman.  Sgt. Britt also shares his experience working with Philadelphia PD for 33 years in the Narcotics and Homicide divisions.

I’d like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to Sgt. William Britt for his time and for sharing so much about his career with all of us.  Thank you to Sophia from Investigation Discovery for providing me so much information about their new series, Homicide City, and providing me the opportunity to speak with Sgt. Britt.  And thank you to Kari, co-host of White Wine True Crime podcast, for connecting me with Investigation Discovery and opening the door for this episode, and the next episode when I speak with retired Chief Oscar Vance from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, who is also featured in the series Homicide City

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