Episode 63: The Lone Survivor – Part 2

In the early morning hours on Saturday, May 11, 2007, a teenage boy made his way through the dark, across back yards in Manheim, PA, located in Lancaster County.  He wasn’t on his way home from a party, or sneaking out after curfew.  This boy was fleeing from a murder scene, where he’d killed 16 year old Kevin Haines, and Kevin’s parents, Tom and Lisa Haines.  Kevin’s older sister Maggie, just home from college for summer break, managed to escape without detection.


At the end of Part 1, Alec Kreider just confessed to the Haines murders.  Now in Part 2 we follow the police investigation to gather evidence and prosecute Alec, because a confession doesn’t prove someone guilty in a court of law.  How did Alec’s family cope in the aftermath of his arrest? How did Maggie Haines cope with the news her family was murdered by her little brother’s best friend? And what happened in 2010 after the PA State Supreme Court ruled life sentences for juvenile offenders are a form of cruel and unusual punishment?  Is Alec Kreider still in prison?

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