Episode 58: Krampus – Philly Style!

I am one of those annoying people who really get into Christmas.  I know the holidays are not a festive time of year for everyone – sometimes that includes me.  When I feel a little grinchy I fall back on holiday traditions that make me think of times when I was little, or when my daughter was young, and sooner or later the Christmas spirit takes over.

My Christmas spirit is a little different.  I’m the sort of person who revels in tinsel and twinkle lights, as well as the idea of Santa coming down the chimney with a sack full of gifts or ghouls, maybe even an ax in his hands. I love holiday horror and the darker Christmas legends.  Here in Pennsylvania, the history of our state is rooted in the Pennsylvania Dutch traditions, filled with old world holiday legends that blend good and evil, light and dark.

I love Christmas horror! I love it so much I dedicated an entire episode last year to one of my favorite holiday traditions – Christmas horror movies. One of the movies I flipped over last year was A Christmas Horror Story.  I’m not going to take you through a recap of the film but I do want to mention one of the reasons I loved that movie was the epic smack down between Santa and Krampus.  It’s like a cage match, the battle of Christmas cheer versus Christmas fear.

Who is Krampus, and why is he suddenly everywhere?   What connection does he have to TwistedPhilly?  You’ll learn all that, and so much more, including a story from New Oxford, PA, about  sculptor Jeff Asper who created a larger than life size Krampus statue.  Join me on this holiday episode about Krampus – Philly style!

You can find out more about artist Jeff Asper on his website at tossedandfoundart.com and on Facebook at Tossed and Found Art.

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