Episode 56: A Tale of Two Terrors Thanksgiving Special

While most people who celebrate thanksgiving are up early brining their turkey, starting their meas en plasse for stuffing – or filling, because different people call that carb loaded side dish different names – and settling in to watch one or more thanksgiving day parades, there are some twisted fucks who are up early on turkey day with something more nefarious on their minds – murder.

This is a tale of two thanksgiving terrors.  Yes, we have not one but two true crime tales with ties to Pennsylvania.  Actually there are more but I’m only covering two today.  So while you’re up removing the neck and gizzards from inside the cavity of your bird, or sitting back with a coffee or cocktail in another part of the world wondering why we here in America celebrate our first thanksgiving with this nation’s indigenous persons from whom we stole this country, I’ve got an episode full of murder and mayhem on deck.

The first story comes from the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, when 21 year old Ryan Kelly was gunned down just a block from his home early Thanksgiving morning in 2015.  The second tale crosses the country, from York, PA to Hollywood, CA, where Melissa and Edward Garcia fulfill their drug riddled fantasies with murder and bloodshed.

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