Episode 50: Fast Eddie

This episode about one of the biggest scandals in the city of Philadelphia in the last 50 years.  It’s the story of Fast Eddie, also known as Uncle Eddie, Uncle Ed, and Eddie Savitz – valedictorian of West Philadelphia High School class of 1960, voted most likely to succeed, one of the most well regarded actuaries in the city of Philadelphia.

In 1978, Eddie Savitz was arrested for indecent assault.  He was enrolled in an accelerated rehabilitation program and in 6 months his record was expunged. Eddie resumed his secret endeavors, soliciting underage boys around the city for their used underwear and socks.

This is the story of decades of abuse.  Young men in Philadelphia knew if they wanted to make a fast buck, they went to Fast Eddie.  Eddie Savitz didn’t confine his desires to his fetishes.  Eddie pushed the boundaries with these boys. While some of them may have simply considered Eddie Savits a weird old freak,  in reality he was a pedophile.

This episode includes topics that could be a trigger for some listeners (sexual abuse.)  Warnings are called out within the episode. Listener discretion is advised.

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