Episode 47: An 11 Year Old Adult

The story I want to tell today is one I haven’t thought about for a few years, and to tell it we’re heading out to New Castle, Pennsylvania, which is only about 10 miles from the Ohio state line.  New Castle sits in Lawrence County about an hour north of Pittsburgh.  The city is almost 220 years old.  Over 10 years ago New Castle found itself thrust into the public eye when an eleven year old boy named Jordan Anthony Brown allegedly shot his dad’s fiancé’, Kenzie Marie Houk in February 2009.  Kenzie was over 8 months pregnant at the time of her murder, and Jordan was one of the youngest suspects in the country charged with homicide.

Why would a little boy shoot his soon to be stepmother while she slept?  A young woman who everyone said was sweet, caring and went out of her way to make Jordan comfortable. Where would he get a gun? And what’s happened in the years since this tragedy.  That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode, and there’s a myriad of courtroom drama and appeals that lasted for years as the state tried to determine how to prosecute Jordan, as a juvenile or as an adult. 

Thank you to listener Jen M  and Haley, Host of the Murder Road Trip Podcast, for the audio they provided in this episode.  Thank you also to Emmy Cerra for the music you hear in this and every episode of TwistedPhilly.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website at www.emmycerra.com and download her music on iTunes.   Follow TwistedPhilly on Social Media: Facebook TwistedPhilly Podcast and Twitter @Twisted_Philly.

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