Episode 41: Part 2 – They Let it Burn

This episode is part two of They Let it Burn, the story of an activist organization called  MOVE, lead by a man named John Africa who wanted to live by what he considered  natural  law.  In part one we talked about Vincent Leapart, a man growing up in  Philadelphia, looking for a way to make sense of what he thought was wrong in the world.  We talked about his transition to become john Africa, and the movement he started in west Philadelphia, which ended in a standoff between the m embers of MOVE and the Philadelphia police, one officer dead and eleven members of move convicted of his murder. 

In this episode, Part 2, dig into the next 7 tumultuous years between MOVE and the city of Philadelphia.  MOVE members relocated to a new neighborhood, a house at 6221 Osage Avenue in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia.  For two years they battled their neighbors, the police and the city administration until May 13, 1985, when the city decided to take action.  That action resulted in six adults and five children dying in a 6 alarm fire that took out entire city blocks, destroying 61 properties and leaving 250 people homeless.  Within days the mayor appointed a special investigative commission to determine what happened, what could cause the city of Philadelphia to drop a bomb on it’s own people.  And we look at how the neighborhood is living today.  Follow TwistedPhilly on Social Media – Twitter @Twisted_Philly, Facebook at the TwistedPhilly Podcast.  Special thanks to the following guest voices you heard in these episodes:

Margo D from  Book Vs. Movie Podcast (and Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast, Best Neighbors Podcast), Jeremy H from the Most Wonderful Wonders Podcast, Jeremy C from the  Podcasts we listen  to podcast, listener Jennifer M, David the Producer from  the Unwritable Rant Podcast, Roseanne S from Killifornia Dreaming Podcast, Nick H from the Concession Stand Podcast, Erika G from Apex and Abyss Podcast, and Robin W from the Trail Went Cold Podcast.

As always, thanks to Emmy Cerra for the music you heard in these episodes.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website – www.emmycerra.com – and download her music on iTunes.

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