Episode 35: TwistedSight

This week we’re doing thinks a little differently.  In this episode I have a very special co-host, which is something I’ve never had before and I was so *>#$*% exited to have someone host with me, especially someone who has become one of my best friends.   I’m not going to tell you who it is; you’ll have to tune in if you want to find out, but I’m sure once you hear her voice you will instantly recognize this special guest.  So buckle up for two twisted tales of killer kids.  Yes, twisters, this is how we are belatedly celebrating Mother’s Day and my recovery from laryngitis – telling tales about kids who kill.  One story is from Philly and the other…. well if I told you where the story took place then you’d guess the identify of our special guest! 

Follow TwistedPhilly on social media: Twitter @Twisted_Philly, Facebook the TiwstedPhilly Podcast and TwistedPhilly Podcast Discussion Group.  Special thanks to Emmy Cerra for the music in this and every episode.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website at emmycerra.com and download her music on iTunes.  Special thanks to Jeremy Collins of Podcasts We Listen to (@podcastswlt) and Kelly of Murder Dictionary (M_D_Podcast) for their amazing voiceovers.

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