Episode 33: Anarchy in the P.A. – Part 2

This is a story of anarchy – but not in the UK.  Anarchy in P-A. And in  New York, and well ok, in the UK for a little while, then back to P-A, and New York.  It’s like the title of Bilbo Baggins journal: There and Back Again. Although this journey doesn’t have a happy ending.  This is the story of Nancy Spungen – a daughter, a sister, a genius, a rebel and a desperately tortured soul from the time of her birth almost every day until the day she died.  Her death was something she predicted, it was something she attempted multiple times throughout her short life, even before she was a teen ager.   It’s the story of a young woman with whom I was a little enamored  when I was a teenager.  She obsessed over music, she lived in New York, she landed the ultimate bad boy.  What girl wouldn’t want that life?  I guess I should say what teenager in the 80s wouldn’t want that description of a life.  Because Nancy Spungen’s life was so much more, so much harder not only on her but her family, her parents, her siblings and especially her mother.  This is Nancy’s story, and so much of this story includes her life in the Philadelphia suburbs, and her mother Deborah Spungen.  And it includes Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.  This story is broken out in two parts, two episodes, because to tell you the truth, I couldn’t get through it all in one sitting that would have been over an hour.  Nancy’s story tears me up, and you’ll hear that in these episodes. Start with Part 1, and finish with Part 2.  And then go listen to some amazing music.  It doesn’t have to be punk, it just has to move you.

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