Episode 31: Ma and Pa McGillin

This week I had the opportunity to meet a delightful man who owns Philadelphia’s oldest continuous operating ale house in the city – and that’s McGillin’s.  If you’re not familiar with McGillin’s old ale house, it’s on Drury lane between Juniper and 13th.  Its a tiny little street and McGillin’s Is pretty much the only business there.  You can’t miss it – there’s this enormous old fashioned neon sign on the front of the building and it  looks very much the way it did almost 160 years ago, although since then owners have acquired more property on Drury and its definitely expanded.  Owner Chris Mullen and I talked about the history of McGillin’s, the impact the ale house has on the country’s perspective of Philly as a beer town, the great food and drink you can get there, and the ghosts of Ma and Pa McGillin.  Yes, McGillin’s is haunted!  Check out McGillin’s on their website – www.mcgillins.com, and be sure to visit for their very own McGillin’s craft beers, mile high meatloaf, an Eagle-tini and some fish and chips.  Plus you can keep an eye out for Ma McGillin’s ghost on the second floor between the bar and the TV.  Apparently she prefers conversation to the animated box. 

As always, thanks to Emmy Cerra for the music in this week’s episode.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website at emmycerra.com and download her music on iTunes.  Follow TwistedPhilly Podcast on social media: Twitter @Twisted_Philly, Facebook at the TwistedPhilly Podcast which is the promotional page, or the TwistedPhilly Podcast Discussion Group where we shoot the shit with one another!



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