My First 1 Star Review

TwistedPhilly received a one star review this week.  I received a one star review.  The first.

I’m not the first podcast host to receive a one star review, nor will I be the last.

I don’t expect everyone to love this show, and I respect the comments listeners share when they don’t enjoy TwistedPhilly.  Primarily those comments have been attributed to the profanity.  I don’t love every podcast I try, and I respect the efforts hosts put forth even if I choose not to listen.

But this one was different.  It was different because the review was specifically about the Grace Packer episodes. And it was about me personally; that I made these episodes about me and talked more about myself than I did the victim.  That broke my heart.

I’ve never told the story of an active case.  I’ve never told a story about something in real time and Grace Packer’s story is as close to real time as it gets.  I want to tell Grace’s story through the people I meet who knew her, or knew of her, or didn’t know her at all but are members of the suburban Philadelphia community whom were touched by her story.  And I’m one of them.

Through the podcast and social media I not only met the women who founded On Gracie’s Wings, I’ve become friends with them. And yes, as the reviewer points out, I wanted to help them.  Telling their story, the story of how I met them and their willingness to welcome me into their world, is also part of Gracie’s story.

And yet, I am willing to consider the critical assessments of this reviewer.  Is there something I can do differently in the next episode about Grace Packer to make sure she is the priority, or the board of On Gracie’s Wings is the priority?

I know there may be people in the suburban Philadelphia community who may not like these episodes because they are connected in one way or another to Grace Packer.  And I’m genuinely trying to be mindful of those concerns.

Maybe this listener was surprised at my editorial style, something with which long time listeners are quite familiar.  I don’t only stick to the facts, although I’m trying to put less opinions in the Grace Packer episodes. Something I said triggered a negative emotional response for this listener and for that I’m sorry.  She doesn’t know me personally, none of you do, so she has no background with me to use as a compass for determining if I’m a genuine person, something she questioned – and something I’m not going to defend.

These episodes are important to me because Grace’s story touched me in a way I cannot explain.  The women who founded On Gracie’s Wings touched me.   Some of you have responded positively about Grace’s story and for that I am most grateful.  And for Nancy39967, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me how you feel.  You’ve definitely given me something to consider.  Through my work with On Gracie’s Wings, I’ve become part of this and that won’t change.

Thank you for your continued support.


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