For the Love of Gracie: What We Knew

For the Love of Gracie is a special presentation from the TwistedPhilly Podcast covering the life and tragic death of Abington, Pennsylvania, teenager Grace Packer.  This series will follow the investigation into Grace Packer’s disappearance and homicide, while sharing stories from people who knew Grace, and the community that came together in love to preserve Grace Packer’s memory.  This series may at times contain mature subject matter and is not intended for young listeners.  (Although there is less profanity than you’ll typically find in TwistedPhilly.)

On Monday, July 11, 2016, Grace’s adoptive mother Sara Packer walked into the Abington police department a little before 7PM and filed a missing person’s report. Sara is Grace’s adoptive mother.  Grace was born in August 2001 in Norristown, PennsylvaniaWhen Grace was barely three, she and her siblings were removed from her parental home and placed into foster care in Berks County.  And that’s how Grace and her brother wound up in the care of Sara Packer. Grace, her brother and sister were fostered with Sara and her ex husband David Packer, and by 2007 the packers filed to adopt Grace and Josh. The adoption was approved in March 2007.  Grace was missing for almost 5 months when the Montgomery, Bucks and Luzerne counties held a joint press conference on December 22 announcing Grace Packer’s remains had been found on Halloween.  It took weeks to identify her body because she’d been dismembered.  Soon after that her adoptive mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, were charged with her murder. 

In this first special presentation about Grace Packer we review what transpired between July 11 and December 31, 2016, how her mother Sara Packer hid her death for months, pretending to be a concerned parent searching for a missing child, when all the while she knew Grace was never coming home.  You can find out more about the charity – On Gracie’s Wings – by joining the Facebook page of the same name.  You can also donate to the Go Fund Me Page – the Abington Loves Grace Memorial Fund.  This organization founded by local moms from Abington township, has already funded two scholarships in Grace’s name for the 2017/2018 school year.   TwistedPhilly is also selling t-shirts to support the fund.  You can find the design For the Love of Gracie on our merchandise site at  All profits from the sale of that design will be donated to the charity On Gracie’s Wings.  Thanks for listening.  “Go on hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly, there’s no better way to fly.”  Special thanks to Emmy Cerra for the music you heard in this episode.  You can download Emmy’s music on iTunes or find out more information about her at  

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