Episode 27: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Actually, it’s my most favorite thing, my most favorite building in Philadelphia: City Hall.

This is my self-indulgent episode, the 6 month special episode for me, because it’s the story of the largest municipal building in the country and what was destined to be the largest building in the world when it was constructed, but we never quite got there.

City Hall cost $25m to build, over $7b in today’s economy.  And it would have cost just as much to tear it down, which is exactly what the city wanted to do over 50 years ago because they thought it was a eyesore.  To me, it’s nothing short of magnificent, rich with history and turmoil, and seedy stories like you’d never believe.

I love this building so much, and it’s history, I made it my logo.  That’s dedication (some would say obsession but I tell those people to STFU!)

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City Hall under construction

The artist and his muse; Calder and the head of William Penn


Calder’s statue of William Penn as it stood in the courtyard before it’s final resting place atop the clock tower

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