Bonus Episode: Toto, I Have a Feeling We’re Not in TwistedPhilly Anymore

As you may have guessed from the episode title, Toto I I have a feeling we’re not in TwistedPhilly anymore, we aren’t.

Well, technically we are, or at least I am, but last weekend I was not.  I was in upstate New York at the Snowtown Film Festival.  It was a much needed long weekend filed with creativity and making new friends, in beautiful, and freaking cold, Watertown New York.  I went to the festival for a couple of reasons.  I wanted to see Captain Fantastic on a big screen, I wanted to see Captain Fantastic on a big screen, and not only did I get to see this beautiful, powerful quirky film that makes you think and question your logic and view of society as a parent and as a human being, but I was in the same room as Viggo Mortensen. 

I was also super psyched to spend the weekend watching independent short films by unique, talented writers and directors, actors.   One of the films that caught my attention when I saw the lineup was Garrow.  It’s a short film, it’s chapter one of what will eventually become a longer film, about Robert Garrow, a serial rapist and murderer from upstate New York.  Granted, Robert Garrow isn’t from Philadelphia, or Pennsylvania but TwistedPhilly was on the road, and there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to talk with the production company of Garrow if I could.

I spent close to an hour with Lori Kelly, Garrow writer and director, also the writer, director and producer of the film Mineville about New York Iron Ore miners, and writer of Silent but Deadly, a dark horror comedy.  With Lori was the producer Joel Plue, who is also an actor, a writer, partnered with Lori on the films I mentioned, and is Lori’s son.  Plus I got to meet two cast members, Angus Andrews who portrays young Robert Garrow and Richard Waddingham, as Garrow’s father.  Please join me for a different kind of TwistedPhilly tale, one that take place out of state filled with beautiful scenery, creative new friends and a serial killer twisted enough to find a home in this podcast  You can find out more about Garrow, the film, on Facebook at and you can support the film by visiting the Go Fund Me site and making a contribution at  And you can watch Chapter 1 on YouTube


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