Episode 19: Merry Chirstmas, Ya Filthy Animals

So….. what’s this episode about?  Is it true crime?  Is it some haunted history or a weird, twisted legend?  Is it about New Years in Philly?  No. Nope, nada.  This episode is twisted but it has very little to do with Philly other than the fact that your host – moi – is in Philly.  One of my most favorite activities this time of year, besides all the events and spots I mentioned in our holiday happenings episode – is to watch horror movies, Christmas horror movies to be exact.

Yeah, I have loads of favorite Christmas movies but everyone talks about those.  I want to talk about my favorite Christmas horror movies.  So before you give me shit like “this isn’t a movie podcast, what are you doing?”  You’re right, this isn’t a movie podcast, but I can’t think of anything more twisted than films that take what many consider the most wonderful, magical time of year and blend that with blood and guts and monsters and gore!  The juxtaposition of the two – beautiful jolly old man in a red suit and an ax or creepy old Christmas legend that grows legs and becomes more than fairy tales.  Mmmmm delicious!  It’s like a big old plate of Christmas cookies!  Which, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen that I’ve been a baking fool this week.  Yes I bake, and I say fuck a lot.  I’m a complex woman.  In this episode I share stories from my favorite Christmas horror movies and tell you why I love them as much as I do. 

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