Episode 18: ‘Twas the Murder Before Christmas

‘Twas the murder before Christmas and all through¬†Middletown, in the Wholaver house no one made a sound.

That morning mom Jean rose early and packed the car for a trip to her parents who lived a bit far.

Daughter Vicky was 20, and Izzy a teen, still asleep in their beds, in slumber, in dreams.

Their plans had been set for later that night, a Christmas Eve dinner that ended in fright.

Jean and her girls never showed at her parents, no one knew they were victims of behavior abhorrent.

Before sun up that day, while Jean’s girls were still sleeping, estranged husband and father Ernie came creeping

What motive, what reason, a holiday tale so chilling

I’ll tell you that tale right here on TwistedPhilly.

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