Episode 11: PART 2 – It’s Just Not Fairley

In Part 2 we go deeper into the investigation of Lisa and Devon Manderach’s murders, and the investigation of Caleb Fairley.

Caleb made a deal with prosecutors – it’s a deal that would lead investigators to Lisa, but is it a deal that would come back to haunt the community?  And how does the community deal with the loss of two beautiful young lives?

We get into the twisted turns of Caleb’s trials and unexpected stories of family members on both sides of this case over the years since Caleb was found guilty almost 20 years ago.

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2 Replies to “Episode 11: PART 2 – It’s Just Not Fairley”

  1. Growing up (and still residing) in Philadelphia, I can’t believe I don’t remember this case! I was only 15 when it took place so maybe I repressed it because it was so unbelievably horrid.

    1. Hi Jamie. I remember it vividly from when it happened, and it was a difficult tale to tell. Part of me wants to take a ride out to Pittsburgh where he’s in jail and ask “what the hell were you thinking?”

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