Episode 6: The Day I Drove Past a Crime Scene

On June 20, 1996, I was heading south on Rte. 476, the “Blue Route,” stuck in traffic.  On the side of the road police were walking through brush and weeds near an abandoned car.  To me, this looked like just another car left on the side of the highway, but later all of us in Philadelphia would learn it was something far worse.

Aimee Willard was the definition of the All American Girl, a star athlete, a star daughter, with a bright future ahead of her when her light was snatched before it even had a chance to shine to it’s fullest potential.

This is Aimee’s story, and in a way it’s a story that could have happened to any of us 20something Delco girls who hung out at Smokey Joes and drove the Blue Route late at night in the summer, thinking about jobs, school, our boyfriends, our future.

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