Episode 5: Haunted Hill


In this episode we delve into the world of spirits.  This is the story of Haunted Hill.  Ok, it’s really Chestnut Hill, and it’s home to reportedly one of the most haunted houses not only in Pennsylvania but in the United States. When the Easby family first moved into Baleroy Mansion in 1926 their youngest son Steven, only 5 at the time, looked into a fountain on the property with his brother George.  George’s reflection peered back at him but Steven’s reflection had morphed into a skeletal face.  Steven died five years later of undetermined causes.

Over the next 80 years the Baleroy mansion would experience hauntings from at least 9 different ghosts and report three more deaths, which owner George Gordon Meade Easby, Jr. – the great-great grandson of General George Meade – attributed to a 200 year old haunted blue chair. Join me as we visit the Baleroy mansion and explore legends and haunted history surrounding this mysterious manor.

You can also check out an article from People Magazine Archives featuring George Easby Jr., and his notorious and nefarious ghosts.



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