Podcasting on Vacation: To record or not record?

Hey twisters!  Happy Thursday.  Hope you’re enjoying the last bits of summer before August comes to a close.

This week I’m in Cape May, NJ, for the final week of summer before my daughter resumes school.  She’s a junior this year.  When the hell did I become old enough to have a kid in 11th grade?  This week is our annual tradition, although Cape May itself is a year long tradition as we visit throughout the year, especially in fall and winter.

But this week I had a dilemma.  Episode 2 of Twisted Philly was burning a hole in my computer.  I so wanted to get it posted, yet wasn’t sure how successful it would be recording in my hotel room.

Now, recording at home isn’t necessarily the most ideal environment, although I managed to carve out a space in my home office with little background noise where I can focus and do my damnest to deliver a quality cast for your listening enjoyment.

ButBeach here, at the Camelot Hotel (where we always stay during this last week of summer – off season, you’ll find me at the Red Cottage) although the room is lovely there wasn’t a great space to record.  It’s a family hotel, lots of kids, lots of noise  – as there should be, families enjoying a week at the beach.  But there’s also the sound of toilets flushing in adjacent rooms, spillover bells and whistles from the arcade at the promenade across the street, and an echo.

Some kick ass women who have been at this game longer than me recommended I use the closet – but the Camelot doesn’t have actual closets.  They have an incredibly spacious open closet in the bedroom, and I love my space with a living room ,separate kitchen and bedroom.  But no matter where I sat I couldn’t get the sound quality I was hoping for.

So I said fuck it.  If Serial can record an episode under a bathrobe in a hotel room, then I can record in an open closet. Yeah, I tried the bathroom but the fan was just too loud.  And I felt really weird with my equipment in there.

As a new podcaster I didn’t want to delay getting my next episode out.  And as a new podcaster I want to ensure you’re getting content on a regular basis so you don’t forget about me.

Obviously I made the decision to record.  And I’m working on a bonus episode about Cape May – another episode I’ll record in the closet.

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