Episode 2: Mutter Butter


There’s so much that I love about the twisted city of Philadelphia, especially our museums. If I had to pick just one museum as my most twisted favorite it is the Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

In 1858, Dr. Thomas Dent Mutter willed his vast collection of medical curiosities to the college of physicians, to carry on his legacy of education long after his death.  Over 150 years later the Mutter Museum is one of the coolest, creepiest and most unique museums in the country.

But there would be no Mutter Museum without Dr. Mutter.  Step back in time as we explore Dr. Mutter’s life and legacy, a few skulls and wet specimen jars along the way.

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  2. Sydney coal mine ordered to repair cracked creek by’very substantial’ cost to taxpayer


    A Perth coal mine that erupted in flames last month has lost more than $4 million in a bid to recoup its construction costs.

    The Bureau of Meteorology said the $44 million coal ash spill at the Darling Basin coal processing plant near Darling Harbour at Mount Maunganui, which was reported earlier this month, triggered a six-month evacuation in early December.

    Key points: The fire spread quickly over the course of only an hour and seven seconds after it began

    No injuries were reported, and all the workers at the site are safe

    Flames erupted near a pipe in the facility’s boiler room, causing an explosion and burning the facility’s control room

    The evacuation was lifted and more workers were moved to safer areas in the same vicinity

    Firefighters then sprayed the facility with firefighting foam.

    An estimated 200 metres of containment pipe and a boiler room had to be removed, with up to eight helicopters taking to the site every hour.

    The blaze spread quickly over the course of only an hour and seven seconds after it began on December 18, which resulted in no injuries reported.

    The Bureau of Meteorology estimated the blaze spread from the boiler room to the control room of the company where the control room was located.

    It was estimated to cost at least $1 million to extinguish.

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    Police officer hospitalised after crash at north Perth train station


    A Perth train driver has been treated for severe head injuries after crashing into a passenger train at the north west rail link.

    Parks and Wildlife officers say the driver of a train travelling from Melbourne to Werribee crashed into a tram carrying passengers, including a woman on her way to work, in the northern city of Perth at about 5.00am local time.

    They say it is unclear whether the crash was caused by the driver’s failure to maintain a steady speed and if the woman who was on the tram was hit by the driver.

    “I’m told the impact of the accident occurred on an off ramp to an off ramp car adjacent to the tram, then on to the tracks,” Detective Chief Inspector James Purnell from Parks and Wildlife said.

    “The tram was being pulled in front of a car with the driver of the train, which was actually involved in a number of other train crashes, including the one that happened this morning at Glenfield and Perth on the train line this morning.

    “The driver of the tram in this particular case had clearly been driving at the speed set by the safety equipment, but it appears that the driver’s hands weren’t really in the right place when he was driving towards the track on that off ramp.”

    Investigations continue

    The woman who was on the tram said she had arrived there in the early hours and that her husband was still in the hospital.

    Police say they are seeking anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward.

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  3. Se power hike for public schools: $2.5 billion more

    The Department of Education’s budget proposal released Friday calls for $2.5 billion in extra funding for public schools in the coming budget year — up $2 billion from current levels.

    The request would include more funding for district-operated schools, including $2.4 billion more in 2014–15 for schools funded through the California State Teachers’ Retirement System; a $1.3 billion increase for K-12 schools, including more than $5 billion for teacher pay; and $1.6 billion for school construction and equipment.

    But the proposal also raises state funding by $2.4 billion — to $20.9 billion — for 2015–16. And it would increase the existing federal matching funds available for state programs by $9 billion.

    “These are just the initial numbers, but it’s clearly a big increase in what’s already already a significant number of dollars, so I think it’s fair to say that that $2.5 billion is just an increase, and not a decrease, in what we’ve already got,” said Department of Education Commissioner Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

    Education experts said the proposed additional state funding for public schools is the latest step in California’s ambitious school-funding plan. In the state’s past four years, the state increased its state aid from $12 billion to $30 billion.

    “We’ll continue to fight the state to invest more in education, not less,” said Steve Lautenschlager, executive director of the national California Association of School Administrators.

    The $2.5 billion increase would also provide nearly $3 billion for school-based “emergency” funding, an added source of funding for districts that haven’t been able to reach state needs for years. “One of the things our budget is addressing is that we don’t have the capacity to do the kinds of massive projects that we needed to do,” said Lautenschlager.

    With increased funding, the proposed increase in school spending would represent a 5 percent increase in funding, which means that the average per-student spending on public school students would be $9,946 in FY 2016, up from $8,946. This is on top of an average per-student funding increase of about 2 percent statewide since 2008.

    More than 60 states have already raised their school funding levels after Gov. Jerry Brown raised them in 2011 and again this year. In California, the governor has also repeatedly proposed raising property taxes to pay for higher education and infrastructure that includes the new transportation and capital projects currently under construction.

    This isn’t the first time that the California Legislature has requested increases in school funding for years. Thi

    Spotter plane locates lost hunters

    By Mike Adams and Jeff Seidle

    An Air Force plane has found the remains of seven hunters with missing bodies in western Nevada.

    It was the biggest find in the western Nevada State Park System since April.

    Five hunters were identified. The remains are believed to be from four people.

    The remains were found in a grassy clearing at 6:40 a.m. Wednesday.

    Lt. Mark Soderboom said the plane was flying over the park when it noticed a large black suitcase floating in the water.

    They were wearing clothes from the first week of their hunting season, so there is no clue why the hunters were there the day before.

    It was then that an Air Force P-8 Poseidon plane spotted the suitcase and picked it up. It’s likely it was the remains of a fourth body found in Nevada a week earlier.

    The U.S. Park Police began searching for the remains from late April to early May.

    “When they spotted this luggage, they were looking for it very closely at the time,” Soderboom said.

    The search took them from northern Nevada to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and the state of California.

    Authorities say they found and recovered all seven bodies.

    The victims are not related. Soderboom said they were all between 16 and 25 years old.

  4. Foster kids interstate move backed by court ruling

    A federal court in Texas agreed Tuesday to delay a ruling that would allow foster parents to use interstate foster care placements in Texas for another year.

    The state of Texas had sought to suspend the ruling, saying that the state of Texas had failed to file documentation and was likely to seek an emergency stay to block it from going forward.

    But the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Antonio said the Texas attorney general has the authority to halt the decision by saying that federal court rules allow the suspension of decisions that will have a serious impact on foster children.

    Texas is in the middle of its legislative session, but the Legislature failed to take action on a legislative proposal to overhaul how foster parents use Medicaid. The legislative session ended this past week.

    At issue is Texas law that requires foster parents, including parents who aren’t related by blood, to use their own money to pay for their care. Texas was the first to pass such a requirement in 1993, then became the ninth state to adopt similar standards.

    Clinton shatters glass ceiling with milestone nomination speech | John Shinkle/POLITICO Clinton, Sanders go head to head over Wall Street, more in POLITICO Play Video 1:52 Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally at Columbia University in New York City on Sunday. Clinton told her audience that she is “ready to lead and to lead alone,” setting off cheers from the crowd. Clinton spoke about her journey into public life as a young woman working to build a political career. (The Washington Post) Hillary Clinton gave a rare campaign speech at Columbia University on Sunday, calling the 2016 race an “extraordinary election” and arguing that Americans know “too much about each other.” Clinton and her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.), said that the country faces some serious challenges, noting the need for more voters to take time to hear directly from each other. “The stakes are high for all of us, but especially for voters in the battleground states that matter most,” Clinton said. “We must speak to one another directly, to hear from each other, and to act on our differences without fear or favor or intimidation. That is the American Dream and a crucial commitment to the future of this nation.” Clinton opened her remarks by reading from a poem she wrote during her years in law school, which she said helped shape her thinking while she worked to fight discrimination and improve college access. The Democratic presidential nominee told a packed rally in front of the school that she has grown up as an “outsider” in the political world, and that she’s become a better president as she has faced “the most serious challenges of my adult life.” “I am the first female presidential nominee of a major political party in more than half a century,” Clinton said. “As I prepare to begin my campaign for the presidency, I will never forget my extraordinary journey into public life.” Clinton opened the speech by thanking students for coming to the campus and offering advice on how to make their voices heard in this historically male-dominated field. “I know I won’t make this mistake again,” Clinton said. “But I know in my heart that I have done this journey because of you. I was raised by two moms and a dad with eight grandchildren and I am grateful to them for believing in me. I know I haven’t always done this right but I’m doing better for you.” Clinton cited her own journey, as she said she has seen her own life change dramatically as she gained experience throughout her own life. She said she has seen “tremendous growth and understanding, and I’ve heard you loud and clear, you are part of the answer.” “We need a president who listens to all sides, to everyone.” “For years, I never knew my voice. I was an outsider, like millions of Americans today,” Clinton said

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