Recently I realized it’s been quite a while since I’ve told any Pennsylvania ghost stories – I think it’s been since Haunted Hill which was the third episode?And there are so many from around Philadelphia and all over Pennsylvania.  I’ve told you  I believe in ghosts – or maybe spirits is the right word.  That sounds better.  So it’s time to sit around a warm fire, bundle up under a blanket, turn off the lights and let’s get our ghost stories on!  I share some of my own experiences with spirits, and twisted tales of witchcraft, murder and hauntings .  Follow TwistedPhilly on social media: Facebook – TwistedPhilly Podcast and TwistedPhilly Discussion Group. Twitter @Twisted_Philly.  As always, thanks to Emmy Cerra for the music in this episode.  You can find out more about Emmy on her website – and download her music on iTunes.   Want to sponsor TwistedPhilly?  Go to and search for TwistedPhilly or click the following link – 

Rehmeyer’s Hollow & Nelson Rehmeyer